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2019 | 2 | 183--190
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Inter Gases as one of the Ways to Reduce the risk of Rndogenous Fires in Hard Coal Mines

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Endogenous fires are currently one of the most common threats in hard coal mines. They are very dangerous for the staff and can cause very large economical loses. Therefore, the scope of activities aimed at limiting the possibility of these fires and reduction of their consequences constantly broadens. The paper presents the results of research aimed at determining the efficiency of the ventilation system applied to reduce the risk of endogenous fires in the areas where inert gases are used. The calculations included carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Inertisation is one of the ways of combating endogenous fires. This method is included in the developed comprehensive method to reduce the possibility of these fires. The results obtained and the method developed and later applied, should have a significant impact on improving the safety of operations in the scope of occurrence and consequences of endogenous fires. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
  • PGG S.A.
  • KWK ROW RUCH Chwałowice, Poland
  • Silesian University of Technology, Poland
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  • Web Conferences, 29, pp. E3S Web of Conferences eISSN: 2267-1242 Copyright Published by: EDP Sciences;
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