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2020 | 25 (XXV) | nr 27 (4) | 7--18
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Effect of Cultural Differences on the Principle of Authority Introduced by Robert Cialdini

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Robert Cialdini, in his book Psychology of Persuasion, presented six fundamental principles that are present in human interactions. These are reciprocity, social proof, commitment and consistency, liking, scarcity, and authority. These principles are universal and can be observed, more or less, everywhere we go. They are present in all ways of life in every nation. Nevertheless, there are noticeable differences when discussing the principle of authority concerning cultural and political backgrounds between various countries. Beliefs, customs, traditions, values and principles form the foundations of any culture. Because these factors vary between different nations, so do their cultural elements. In this paper, a case study approach is used to examine those differences by examining British and Polish ways of recognizing and submitting to the Principle of Authority. (original abstract)
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