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2020 | 11 | nr 4 | 34--45
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Consistency of DMAIC Phases Implementation on Six Sigma Method in Manufacturing and Service Industry: a Literature Review

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High business competition demands business players to improve quality. The Six Sigma with DMAIC phases is a strategy that has proven effective in improving product and service quality. This study aims to find the consistency of DMAIC phases implementation and analyze the objective value in Six Sigma research. By using a number of trusted article sources during 2005 until 2019, this research finds that 72% research in manufacturing industry consistently implemented DMAIC roadmap especially in case study research type for problem-solving, while service industry pointed out the fewer number (60%). The causes of variations and defective products in the manufacturing industry are largely caused by a 4M 1E factor, while in service industry are caused by human behavior, and it's system poorness. Both manufacturing & service industry emphasized standardization & monitoring to control the process which aimed at enhancing process capability and organization performance to increase customer satisfaction. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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