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2020 | 11 | nr 4 | 81--91
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Project Prioritizing in a Manufacturing - Service Enterprise with Application of the Fuzzy Logic

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The article includes presentation of fuzzy numbers application in projects prioritizing at manufacturing and service providing enterprises. The following criteria have been applied as a basis for projects prioritizing analysis in enterprise: NPV index, linked with the enterprise strategic aims, project execution cost, project time, project scope and risk. As the criteria selected were of measurable and non-measurable character in projects prioritizing evaluation, the fuzzy decision making system has been developed, in which a linguistic value has been defined for each criterion of projects prioritizing. Knowledge base has been developed afterwards, presenting cause-effect dependencies in projects prioritizing. Knowledge base consisted of conditional rules. Fuzzy system of decision making in project prioritizing has been developed in MATLAB application. The decision making fuzzy system established, constitutes an efficient tool for projects prioritizing, on the basis of criteria given and concluding system developed. The obtained analysis results provide basis for the decision making parties to set the projects execution sequences. (original abstract)
Opis fizyczny
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