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2022 | z. 160 Modernity of Industry and Sciences = Nowoczesność przemysłu i nauki | 39--52
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Building Consumer Engagement and Loyalty while Traversing the Customer Journey in the Online Space

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Purpose: The overriding goal of the considerations is to recognize the phenomena occurring when the buyer traverses the customer journey in the online space and their importance in building his commitment and loyalty. Design/methodology/approach: Dynamic technological progress significantly influences the course of consumer's decision-making processes. Brands are looking for more and more touchpoints on the customer's journey in order to be able to smoothly surround the recipient with messages. As part of the considerations, it was examined how the forms and tools of marketing communication can support marketing activities at individual stages of the customer journey. Findings: The presented publication classifies online marketing communication tools and indicates their links with the various stages of purchasing, the 5A model and building an active consumer attitude towards the brand. Research limitations/implications: The article contains a preliminary study. In the future it is planned to conduct additional quantitative and qualitative research. The study will help to perform a comprehensive analysis of the application being discussed. Practical implications: The right choice of forms and tools of marketing communication not only determines the purchase, but also builds the commitment and loyalty of the buyer, who may ultimately become a brand advocate. Therefore, it is particularly important to have a holistic approach to the dialogue with the consumer and to understand the mechanisms influencing his decisions. Originality/value: Although the topic of e-commerce appears in academic publications, only a few of them relate these devices to the customer journey. This paper comprehensively deals with this topic and focuses on the relationship between online customer journey, the 5A model and the promotion mix tools. (original abstract)
  • Cracow University of Economic
  • Cracow University of Economic
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