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2023 | 37 | nr 1 Wpływ kryzysu na funkcjonowanie przedsiębiorstw i przemiany układów przestrzennych = The Impact of the Crisis on the Functioning of Enterprises and the Transformation of Spatial Systems | 70--82
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Does High-tech Industry Matter for Marketing Strategy Selection? Adaptation Vs. Standardization on the International Market

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This article's objective is to present the results of our research on the selection of an international strategy (adaptation vs. standardization) of Polish firms on the international market in the area of product and promotion, depending on whether they belong to the high-​tech industry or not. The research methodology applied in the article includes a critical literature review and quantitative methods using a CATI survey. This study is based on a sample of 355 internationalized businesses from Poland. A two-step approach was used in the quantitative study: 1) Student's t-test and 2) logistic regression. Research shows that Polish firms from the high-tech industry adjust their international strategy to a greater extent to the requirements of individual international markets, both in product and promotion, than firms from non-high-tech industries. This study enriches the problem of international marketing strategy with the current view of the high-tech industry. The specificity and attributes of high-tech firms shed new light on the choice of a marketing strategy. It proves that the specificity of the sector can be essential and differentiate marketing decisions. In addition, high-tech attributes allow firms to respond better to today's turbulent environment. The study can have many practical inspirations for managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs deciding on their international strategy and implementing high-​tech attributes in building competitive advantage in the internationalization process.(original abstract)
  • Krakow University of Economics
  • Krakow University of Economics
  • Krakow University of Economics
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