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2003 | 10 | nr 1 | 2--13
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Three Case Studies of Temporary Protection: Escape Clauses Applied by Poland in the Late 1990s

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What economic arguments, apart from traditional infant industry protectionism, can explain the pattern of sectoral "backsliding" in Poland? At first glance it seems that the government considered, and rather intuitively, strategic trade policy arguments in choosing sectors for temporary protection. Presumably, in all of the protected manufacturing sectors under consideration, international competition is imperfect, products are differentiated and economies of scale are significant. But the relevance of this argument is based on many rigorous assumptions and empirical support for these theories is rather weak. More important is the fact that these arguments are almost irrelevant in the case of small producers with no dominant position on the world market. They therefore do not represent valid arguments for protection in the case of Poland. (fragment of text)
Opis fizyczny
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