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2016 | 9 | nr 2 | 197--219
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The Ageing of the Population in Developed Countries - the Economic Consequences in the Czech Republic

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The ageing of the population is considered to be a cultural and social problem of developed countries. This is not, however, only a demographic problem, as it reaches into the functioning of the entire state economy, especially in the area of expected decline in numbers of people of productive age and employment connected with it, the increase in numbers of inhabitants of retirement age and pension reforms connected therewith and, for instance, healthcare costs. The period of retirement is gradually extending, but it also leads to increase of life expectancy and time lived without significant health restrictions. The problems of ageing will probably first appear in countries with a high proportion of industry and construction in the GDP. Economies with a high proportion of services will be affected to a lesser degree. The Czech Republic is a classic example of a country based on industry and construction. It is therefore probable that it will face an unsolvable problem in the near future, as the nature of its economy will be at variance with its demographic structure. It raises a question of this problem can be solved by supporting immigration. (original abstract)
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  • University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic
  • University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic
  • University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic
  • University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic
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